Help keep this project alive by donating today! The ultimate goal of this project is to continue to collect stories and to produce live performances offering artistic inspirations from the stories collected.

How can your donations help?

Your donations assist to cover the fees associated with the premiere of Overlooked Giants throughout different venues. This includes: securing the space, artist fees including performance fees for the musicians, poets, actors and dancers, compensation for artists rehearsals, a videographer/animator fee for the development of video projection and recording. The women featured in this project have largely funded their own art while balancing other careers and family obligations, so it is essential that these women are paid for their time and talent just as mainstream artists would.

Your donations also contribute to the ongoing work of collecting these stories. Ever heard the saying “every little bit helps”? Well, it is true! Even small donations can help with travel cost to meet with the artist, equipment cost for recording and archiving, and regular maintenance costs for the podcast or website.