Ep. 14 Mx Queen LaRae Gainey, The Queen Worthy of Her Throne Overlooked Giants

AhSa-Ti Nu meets with singer-songwriter and podcast host, LaRae Gainey aka Mx Queen LaRae. Mx Queen is the co-host of the dynamic podcast Black, Queer &…, as a well known background vocalist throughout the Bay Area and Los Angeles. The Queen can often be found vocal arranging, producing, and coaching new up-and-coming artists for stage performances and studio work. Hailing from both New York and California, you can definitely feel Mx. Queen LaRae’s eclectic style and influence. While on this musical journey, she has been fortunate enough to provide vocals for awesome artists like- Anita Baker, Eric Clapton, Andrae Crouch, Jennifer Hudson, and Goapele.  Listening to her story, I identified with so many parts of her experiences. I understood all too well her struggles and to this day I appreciate her guidance as she walks into her greatness. She brings a knowledge and wisdom to the table that the old folks would call "beyond her years", but I just call it an openness to love and life.    Social Stuff:  Website – https://blackqueerpodcast.podbean.com/ Insta – https://www.instagram.com/blackqueerpod/
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