Ep. 04 Tammy Hall, Playing Love Language


AhSa-Ti Nu meets virtually with renowned artist Tammy Hall, an accomplished solo artist, bandleader, Bay Area-based pianist, organist, and composer. Hall has built a career as a solo artist and in collaboration with a roster of major artists including Mary Wilson, Kim Nalley, Marcus Shelby, Houston Person, David “Fathead” Newman, Pamela Rose, Queen Esther Marrow, Ernestine Anderson, and Regina Carter, among dozens of others.

Her story is truly a success story of how she has overcome and in many ways is still overcoming inequities of being black in America. Hall offers a breathe of hope through her being and music. She is the epitome of black woman magic and her story is more than appropriate for such a time as this. Hall offers a true definition of what it is to be black in America and to soar beyond the negativities that we often face. 

Please be sure to follow her on her website, social media and purchase her music!



Twitter: @TammyHallpiano

Facebook: @TammyLynneHall-Hawkins


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