Overlooked Giants takes a deeper look into the lives of Queer Women of color who have, and are, making careers for themselves throughout various industries. Each of these women share their experience of being a woman of color in a world that has often relegated them to the margins. AhSa-Ti Nu conducted in-depth interviews, recording their narratives about what it is like for them to carry the weight of being queer women of color as they work to change the narrative.


AhSa-Ti Nu meets with singer-songwriter and podcast host, LaRae Gainey aka Mx Queen LaRae. Mx Queen is the co-host of the dynamic podcast Black, Queer &…, as a well known background vocalist throughout the Bay Area and Los Angeles. The Queen can often be found vocal arranging, producing, and coaching new up-and-coming artists for stage performances and studio work. Hailing from both New York and California, you can definitely feel Mx. Queen LaRae’s eclectic style and influence. While on this musical journey, she has been fortunate enough to provide vocals for awesome artists like- Anita Baker, Eric Clapton, Andrae Crouch, Jennifer Hudson, and Goapele. 

Listening to her story, I identified with so many parts of her experiences. I understood all too well her struggles and to this day I appreciate her guidance as she walks into her greatness. She brings a knowledge and wisdom to the table that the old folks would call “beyond her years”, but I just call it an openness to love and life. 


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AhSa-Ti Nu meets with bassist and guitarist Lillie Robinson. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and graduate of Cass Tech High School, alma mater to Diana Ross, Della Reese and more. Having played with numerous bands and performers, Lillie has also written a stage play. 

Having the opportunity to listen to her story I felt her pain, and struggles but most of all I felt her gift and passion for music. She pushed through the barriers and continues to. Lillie is an amazing bassist who continues to create great music and push through the barriers. 

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AhSa-Ti Nu meets with drummer Trevelyn Lee, affectionally known as Trev from San Francisco, CA. On stage she has this super power of being locked in and holding that tempo like nobody’s business. Off stage Trev is one of the chillest women you will find, with an energy of laughter and love. She has played with so many phenomenal musicians and artists, it’s hard to keep track. I just know I’m always glad when I get to share the stage with her. 

Her story is one of living and learning to become better a brighter. As women, there are some thing that can go unlearned because the world feels it unnecessary or without value to teach us. Some of us go on with life never learning how to love ourselves, Trev is the side of womanhood that chooses to not only to learn how to love herself but allows her path to be a way for others to follow. 


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AhSa-Ti Nu meets with queer multidisciplinary artist/performer, film and theater director, Beatrice Thomas aka Black Benatar. Beatrice comes from a family lineage of pastors, performers, doctors and healers. A maker of objects, installations and theater, Mx. Thomas reveals, revises and constructs alternate realities. They use the artifice of drag to inhabit Black Benatar, an exaggerated black femme alter ego creature that challenges blackness, whiteness, oppression & convention. Thomas is a featured drag queen for RADAR Productions “Drag Queen Story Hour” a program that brings drag queens to read stories at public libraries. Beatrice’s work has graced the stages of the deYoung Museum, SF PRIDE Mainstage, CounterPulse, SOMArts Cultural Center and the Institute of Advanced Uncertainty and has shown in galleries across the United States. Thomas works nationally consulting and advocating for equity and the inclusion of queer arts on national mainstream stages.  

This sister stays working and so I was glad for the chance to meet with her. This was an amazing conversation to have and I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to hear more about her personal story. 

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AhSa-Ti Nu meets with the dynamic and inspirational singer, songwriter, producer, motivational speaker and award winning voice expert, Orgena Rose. A powerful and transformational energy, Orgena has appeared on Oprah, the Today Show, the Tony Awards, PBS, Broadway, Carnegie Hall, and Conan in Tyler Perry’s Row 11. She is the CEO of Sacred Rose Productions where she writes and records not only her own music, produces music for businesses as well as transformational video and TV. To inspire and empower, she hosts The Orgena Rose Show and to give back, she founded the Global Artists Academy which offers courses, workshops and programs in her mission to heal, empower and transform through the arts. 

Orgena carries the gift to follow through on her vision and her purpose. Her story reminds us of the importance of sticking to what you know you were meant to do, despite the world telling you otherwise.

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