Ep. 12 Trevelyn Lee, A True DrumHer


AhSa-Ti Nu meets with drummer Trevelyn Lee, affectionally known as Trev from San Francisco, CA. On stage she has this super power of being locked in and holding that tempo like nobody’s business. Off stage Trev is one of the chillest women you will find, with an energy of laughter and love. She has played with so many phenomenal musicians and artists, it’s hard to keep track. I just know I’m always glad when I get to share the stage with her. 

Her story is one of living and learning to become better a brighter. As women, there are some thing that can go unlearned because the world feels it unnecessary or without value to teach us. Some of us go on with life never learning how to love ourselves, Trev is the side of womanhood that chooses to not only to learn how to love herself but allows her path to be a way for others to follow. 


Social Stuff:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/trevelyn.lee

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